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A Return to Blogging? Maybe.

October 5, 2010

I’ve been debating blogging actively about stuff–my life and my progress in my attempts to make this writer-director thing work–mainly because I feel like I don’t have the time, people might not be interested, the general disdain I think I harbor for bloggers at-large who don’t really seem like they have anything interesting to say, etc., but after talking to some folks today, I figured it might not be so bad to throw on an occasional post or two about my progress, the things I’m trying to do, etc.  Maybe someone will take something from it, learn from it, etc.  So we’ll see.

And what better way to begin talking about the reality of being a starving artist in NYC than by writing about how you just got laid off?

Welcome back to unemployment.

(Background: I’ve been working as a personal trainer for the past several months.  It’s been awesome flexible, I made a decent wage/hour and I loved the whole thing.  I loved my clients and I loved it all.
Then my wack ass gym (whose name I won’t acknowledge) lays me off because I didn’t sell my required ($100) quota of supplements early enough in the month.  Supplements.  I swear, that’s the reason they gave me, verbatim.  I recorded it.  And it was the most ridiculous conversation I’ve ever had.  That place is going to go under like Blockbuster).

But still, I feel good.  Why?  I’ve got options.  Everything I’ve learned about just moving ahead in this business is about positivity and that’s why I’m not worried.  Even if I have to move back home briefly, which is a move I’ve been considering for some time.

If you wanna be an artist, your whole being, your core, whatever…all of that needs to be attuned the idea that you are extremely dope, beyond measure.  That’s how actors approach auditions, that’s how filmmakers need to approach drafting and pre-production and that’s kind of how you have to think no matter what artistic endeavor you’re pursuing.  (I play Drake, J-Cole, Outkast, Jay-Z and Wale all the time to bang this idea into my head.  Constantly.  Kanye, as well.  You need confidence beyond measure.  Otherwise, why even try?)

I’m not sure how I’m going to get rent or groceries next month, but I’ve got drive.  I’ve got good friends and supporters.  And I have a pretty strong will.  How do you think anybody ever made it?


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