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The Social Network is Epic. Epic-epic.

October 4, 2010

I don’t hype stuff too often.

Well, I do, but who cares?  But this may be one of the best movies ever made, ever.  EVER.  EVER.

David Fincher is a monster.  He’s beastly.  I’ve been saying it forever.  Did you see this Nike ad?

Have you seen “Se7en?”  “Fight Club?”  “Zodiac?”  Even “Benjamin Button.”

Now take all the good ability that went into creating those movies and boil it down to another concise, fantastically-written script, this one about the perceived value of “success,” and about isolation and the desire for intimacy, all set against a backdrop of a society on the verge of a social networking revolution with the main character’s dilemma couched in something as simple/universal as youthful hubris.

The editing is insane, the dialogue is nuts and the sound design is crazy, they frickin’ CGI’d this dude’s face onto another dude’s face for the entirety of the movie so he can play his twin brother...

It’s Shakesperean in scope, but still as simple as anything.  For me, it’s everything they’re saying it is–Peter Travers, all of them.  I almost had a damn conniption.

Sorry for all the hype-age, but goodness.  Make a movie like that.  I dare ya.

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