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Taking all That Money This Weekend.

August 28, 2010

You have got to hand it to the guys that made Takers happen.  It’s ingenious.  No one who’s going to see this movie wants to see it for the plot at all.

But do I have it pulling a #1 this weekend?  Because there is a foxy, well-groomed man in a suit for a woman in nearly every demographic.

This isn’t a movie about a heist, it’s a display of man-meat.

Not only that, but it’s been very strategically released at a time during which there is little to any competition.  Late August-early September is notoriously a dead-zone for movies–right at the end of the Summer Blockbuster season.  I’m betting on “Takers” cleaning up.  Check the Box Office via

Expendables, Eat Pray Love, and Scott Pilgrim are already starting to tank after week 2, with an average -50% change in performance between the three of them despite significant grosses, their respective budgets notwithstanding.

Vampires Suck and Piranha 3D…what the hell are those movies and why should anyone want to see them?

The Other Guys is going to dwindle soon enough – showing that usual 3 week decline in business…

Lottery Ticket vs. Takers?  –  Come on, who thought to release Lottery Ticket at the same time this movie’s supposed to come out?  Idris Elba + Chris Brown + T.I. + Michael Ealy + Paul Walker vs. a movie that’s got Bow Wow headlining?  Come on.  Lottery Ticket’s finished.

Inception’s been out for a minute and although it’s grossed a ton–it’s already beginning to fade out–getting that -33% change in performance after 6 weeks.

Nanny McPhee’s not even attracting the same demo, but performance is comparatively weak, even after only the first week.

It’s a dead zone.  I got Takers getting at least $30mil.  That might be a modest estimate.

“Who is taking who,” indeed.

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