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Writing a Feature. (or trying)

August 24, 2010


1. There is a huge lull in personal training (my day job) right now.  In shape or not, everyone is on vacation.  My clients are out.  I am seriously broke (well not seriously, as I feel like I’ve just been in various stages of brokeness since having graduated college) and have been for the better part of the summer, but it’s allowed some free time in my schedule.  In September, everyone will return, I’ll put on a smile on my face and solicit people for overpriced personal training.

[Decided Digression: I really should just do the shit (personal train) on my own, outside of my gym.  You don’t need a gym at all to get in shape.  You really don’t.  It’s a lie.  You’re paying for towel service.  Maybe some classes, if you’re into those.  At my particular gym, if any of the group fitness teachers were to leave and just start their own thing, they would bankrupt my gym.  That’s pretty much the only reason anyone pays for the overpriced membership fee.  Classes.  Anyways, back to my budding film career–]

2. Feature-length scripts are important because they’re the only thing that makes money in the industry in any major way, the only leveraging tool for your career.  Shorts…forget about it.  But they still have their place, as well.

I’m trying to write a feature-length script; it’s hard.  I have never had to make so many uses of a thesaurus in my life.  The beginning sucks.  The ending leaves a bit to be desired.  But I like the story and I know where I’m going with it.

I’m trying to get this draft out by my birthday–a little present to myself.  I have 85 pages so far.  I have 9 days.

There are some songs that help me through the tedium–I have to listen to music for some reason, but the same song, one at a time, on repeat.  “Angels (Remix) by Diddy.”  “I Remember” by Deadmau5.  “OMG” by Usher.   All strangely trance-inducing and hypnotic.

I am impatient.  I do not know how people do this.  There are some writer-directors with scripts upon scripts upon scripts.  I just want this thing to unfurl itself from my brain immediately and splay itself out across Final Draft 7 in perfect form.

I need to be writing instead of tweeting, instead of blogging and all that business.  But it’s just so damned tedious.  Soooooooo tedious.

Unfurl yourself, damn you.  Unfurl!

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