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A Very Brief One–On Persistence

June 23, 2010

“Persistence without patience is insanity; patience without persistence is complacency.”

“I just leave everything in the room and go on to the next (audition).”

I got these quotes from two screen-actor-buddies of mine whose careers are budding pretty nicely right now.  Now to me, acting (career-wise) is pretty much the scariest shit on the planet.  Much scarier than filmmaking.  You have to believe in your heart of hearts that you are fucking good.  Great.  Better than everyone else.

Don’t know if it’s worse to be an aspiring actor or  filmmaker, but no matter what, you’ve got to believe beyond all doubt that you can kick the ass of everyone else and that you are effectively the best at what you do.  That’s pretty much it.  And when the going gets tough, and you hit a bump or an obstacle and it seems like things aren’t picking up, that seems like those are the times when you have to be all the more confident in yourself.

And this business is full of bumps.

You’ve just got to kinda play some Kanye, your Jay-Z, your J Cole, and keep it moving.

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