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Teaser for “A Long Time Coming,” or Tahir’s Verite Heartbreak

February 14, 2010

So around this time last year, a brotha was looking like this.

Guess why.

It wasn’t ’cause I was jammin’ Kanye’s 808s and Heartbreak on repeat (although at the time, I’d sworn it’d been written especially for me), but because apparently, my coping strategy for relationships gone awry involves a strange sort of self-deprecating, masochistic jest.  In short, life was funny.

I was brooding, pining, sullen.  I’d play Bill Withers’s “Ain’t No Sunshine” and drown my room out in N.E.R.D.’s “Sooner or Later.”  I’d go to the gym and work out.  I’d distract myself as much as I could.  Then I’d see her again.  And again.  And again.  Then I’d want to hit something.  Then I’d go to the gym.  *repeat ad nauseum through summer until–*

The result of much distraction

I feel like people that create stuff, I guess you’d call them “artists,” (retch) sometimes try to work out their issues through “art.”

Initially, I thought it’d be kind of cliche to try to make a piece about the stuff that was going on with me then–partly because I don’t personally like “personal,” whiney ass movies where you feel like the central creative force is trying to personally get over some shit through the piece that they’ve created.  Although I’m sure they’re often cathartic and therapeutic for the creators themselves, I’ve often found them to be one-dimensional and biased and generally uninteresting.  Me, I’d like to make something universally watchable.

*aside* – I saw Terence Nance’s “Exorcising Rejection,” a piece which I think is the epitome of a “personal,” “I’ve got to get over this chick film,” but one that I very much enjoyed and think anybody else could, as well.

Still, not trusting that I could do anywhere near as cool at the time, I was just like–

“nah, I’mma just go ahead and make this dope-ass, urban cop drama in the vein of ‘The Wire,’ it’s gonna be raw and ill and uncut and make people grab at their crotch-space after they’ve seen it because it’ll be so damn intense…”

Then, the folks at NYU were like–

“Nah, kid, sorry.  Please take your $160,000 in loans and have a nice life.  K, thanks, bye!”

Understandably, I said “screw that.”  I, like many of my peers, been screwed by NYU one too many times.  I had yet to make a film that I was proud of, the economy was shit, I was about to be beset by the impending pimp-hand of Sallie Mae, and these fools were trying to leave me screwed up with my pants around my ankles like that poor bastard from “Deliverance.”

So I said, eff it, I’m bout to make something.  I don’t care what it is, I don’t care if it doesn’t look like Matty Libatique or Darius Khondiji shot that bitch, I just want it to be engaging and something that people can relate to.  (Relate to me, audience.  Please.)

So in the interim of all my attempts to raise funds for my would-be ILL-ASS COP DRAMA “A Reasonable Doubt,” I decided to do something else.  My little heartbreak story.

Fast fwd to January–some of the higher-ups at NYU actually come through for a guy, and sure enough, they let me shoot.  And we shot!

Been messing around with the footage since then–coupled it w/ a song by The Foreign Exchange (whose self-titled album I highly recommend) and this is what I came up w/ in the way of a teaser trailer.  I’m hoping it does what it’s supposed to do, at least for now.  I’m not the best editor, but whatever.  If you catch this and dig, feel free to pass it along.  I hope it teases you.  If you have thoughts–please feel free to send them my way.

By the way, the end of this thing says, “Spring,” so if anyone other than my immediate family actually reads this blog, feel free to hit me up in May/June and ask me what the hell I’ve been doing and where the hell “A Long Time Coming.” If I don’t have a 7-10 minute short film damn near finished, I could use some scolding.  Anyways–

BLAM BLAOW!!!  Edit in progress.

Credits and what not–

Features two terrific actors, Jade Jackson and Carlton Byrd, incredible talents from the Drama program at Tisch School of the Arts.   Both had a fantastic work ethic and were incredibly giving and willing in terms of everything they brought to the process–rehearsing pretty much for the first time on each day of the shoot, giving their all to work through a scene’s beats and often only minutes before we had to shoot each scene.  These guys hung tough–5pm-5am for three days.

Not to mention crew–talk about hanging tough–these folks had my back.

D.P. – Fletcher Wolfe

Production Management – Michelle Mondesir

Assistant Direction – Patrick Ng and Darius Monroe

Gaffer – Andrew Engert

Art Direction – Charlotte Royer and Sam Bush

Sound Recording – Ant Jones and Don Conley

P.A.’s – Nick Vivian

D.I.T. – Josh ________

Also, shout out to Prof. Bardosh for holding me down.

More to come, hopefully sooner than later.

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  1. PCJ/DC permalink
    February 26, 2010 2:21 pm

    totally agree, one of visually best I’ve seen, and I also missed as I missed super bowl snoozefest (my op). Have you seen AmX’s one with ordinary objects/scenes that appear to be frowns and smiles? really really good.

  2. Patricia permalink
    March 16, 2010 1:03 pm

    Have you seen the new Old Spice commercial “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like”? Hysterical! Try this link or goggle “old spice commercials.”

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