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Pick-Up Day…Where The Day Just…Goes.

January 21, 2010

Met w/ actors.  They’re going to do well.  Pleased.

Budget is going up.  #bad.  Good thing for credit cards.  Need to stay w/in estimates.  #challenges.

Can only afford a cargo van Thurs and Sun.

Need to find A.D.  By Friday night, otherwise, we are in for a very unnecessarily rocky start.

Shooting 5pm-5am.

Pick-Up Day.  Credit Card is Getting Rocked.  Saving Receipts.  Thought Process for the Tentative Schedule.

Thursday–The Day of Many Calories Lost

08:00-10:00 Wake, Grab Groceries, Fix Breakfast, Try Best Not to Crash From Itis

11:30-12:30 – Pickup Cargo Van

12:30-01:30 – Rental House – Pick-Up, Load

02:00-03:00 – School-Rig Pick-Up, Load – Check, Load

Art Director Swipes Card, Buys w/in Reason

03:45-04:15  – Back in BK – Unload most valuable stuff at apt. so if we get robbed I don’t lose upwards of $50,000 worth of equipment

04:15-04:45 – Drop D.P. Off – So she can nap?

04:45-05:30 – Crafty Pick-up

Art Goes Up — 05:00-08:00PM –

05:30-06:00 – Pick-Up from Ikea…when?  fuck.

06:00-06:30 – …comes by, starts checking out sound gear, bounces like a thief in the night

06:30-7:00– ….something should be happening here.

06:30-07:30 – Discuss Art, Wardrobe, More if we aren’t already

07:00-07:30- P.A. picks up paintings, drops off Oranges

07:30-08:30 – ….. we meet, bring shit up my 4th fl walk-up (extra fun)

08:30-09:30 – meet w/ A.D. for Sat/Sun

08:30-12:30am – pre-light happens

09:30-  Rehearsal w/ Actors

10:30- Take Van Back to Manhattan, Save $

Whenever done, crash and burn…

That bed is looking real good right now, but I can’t sleep in it.  Actors need it.  Let’s get it.

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