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1 Wk.

January 14, 2010

In a daze.

The situation in Haiti situation is extremely sad.  I feel like I never knew how many West Indian people I’ve come to know until I started seeing stories, anecdotes, worries, concerns, prayers, flying across my twitterverse, which, oddly enough, has become my primary source of news.

Mad people I know are being affected.  Funny how you can be pretty apathetic about a serious disaster until you see the devastation it’s wrought in the lives of the people near you, even people you barely know.

My thoughts?

China needs to stop bullshittin and give more money.

From my FB vis-a-vis China’s lack of giving:

“I’ve read their economy seems to be currently booming out of bloody control and they have a surplus of capital swilling around that they’re managing extremely well (at least for the time being) and well on their way to revitalizing and reforming the global economic climate at-large.

I’m just like, the NY Yankees have raised half a million, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie raised a million, the U.S. (in spite of still having to hobble through our period of crippling recession) claims to be giving 100 million and the entire nation of bloody China is unwilling to give more than a 1 million dollars to a country in need?

China is going to emerge as the predominant superpower over the course of this century and the nation of Haiti literally doesn’t have a god damn thing, has never had a god damn thing and is likely to be more destitute than ever before.

Flavor Flav could probably raise a 1 million dollars.  Shit is wack.”

Also, Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh are douchebags beyond belief.  Like, beyond fucking belief.

If you read this, txt musician Wyclef Jean’s Yele Organization hotline at “501501,” which supposedly has less overhead than that of the Red Cross and will supposedly facilitate more direct contributions to people that actually need them.  But I invite people to do their own research.

See where you can donate locally.  There’re going to be a bunch of  events in Brooklyn and around NYC for sure.  One will be tomorrow evening at Katra lounge, I believe, as well as various gatherings of people collecting things–but I’d like to get more info before I just write something down that’s incorrect.

If you follow me on twitter, I might tweet about it.  @tahirtweets.

In other news…

I’m shooting in a week and I need to focus now more than ever.

Took off work for the better part of this week.

I’m shooting.  I’m doing a lot and I need to move.  That’s all.  Whenever it gets to this point, your attention just tends to blur, and you’ve got to keep things in line.  I have a lot of stuff on my plate, but fortunately, my production isn’t as production heavy as a lot of other student productions have been.  But all the more reason why my shit needs to be extra tight.

7 Days.  Moments of truth.

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