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Terence Nance is a Dope Filmmaker

October 8, 2009

–And he’s trying to raise some dough for his first feature, “how would you feel.”

I first met this dude in my University Film Equipment Room–“The Production Center,” (I believe) he’d stopped working there by the time I’d begun, but he’d still come by and bum around, as a lot of us were strangely wont to do after we’d leave.

We hadn’t spoken often, but from the few, brief exchanges we’d had, it didn’t take much for me to realize that there were some big ideas brewing beneath that big, decidedly haphazard ‘fro of his.  Dude had a vision.

Recently, I discovered his vimeo and happened upon “Exorcising Rejection,” a 7-minute short he’d done a few years back.  I was thoroughly impressed, not only because of how inexpensive it was, but because I thought it was such a cool film.

The piece begins simply, with this conversational, Jarmuschian exchange between friends –a guy asking another guy why the hell he’s so preoccupied with drawing a picture of some girl.  From there, the guy’s story unfolds in a very interesting way.

Check it out.

Now Terence is trying to raise money for his first feature, “how would you feel,” with a dope-ass HD promo he’s been posting online–on sites like Twitter, Facebook and IndieGogo, a social networking site geared toward linking filmmakers with prospective fans and funders.

The clip is posted below–not a bad way to show off one’s skills while getting the message out.

Terence also has a clip available from the film “how would you feel,” itself.  Again, obviously determinedly low-budget, but undeniably engaging.

The dude is definitely growing as an artist and can obviously do good work with very little.  If you like his stuff, pass it along.


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