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The Canon 7D – A Good Look

October 7, 2009

So HD DSLRs are fast becoming the go-to cameras for all kinds of productions, especially those where you want to be quick, mobile and need a lot of coverage, like music videos.

DP Matt Workman Shooting w/ the Canon 5D MKII on Kay Slay's "BlockMan"

DP Matt Workman Shooting w/ the Canon 5D MKII on "BlockStar" w/ DJ KaySlay, Jim Jones, Plies, etc.

I’ve been out of the tech loop lately, but then I stumbled across this on my boy Adam Saewitz’s vimeo — nighttime footage shot with his new Canon 7D – 24fps shot at 1/4000.

To my knowledge this is the first digital SLR camera w/ HD recording that can shoot at 1080p and at 24fps–the speed at which films are projected and consequently filmed (typically a big concern for professionals b/c we want everything to look like film). Also has an extra big ass 18 megapixel sensor and records conveniently to Apple’s H.264 codec.

Don’t know how it compares to the 5D, but looks like it could give it a little go.

Gets a bit trippy toward the end, but you have enough time to check out the camera’s considerable latitude (that’s the extent to which the cam’s image recording medium, whether chemical–film or digital–data can display the range of detail in a potential image from its highlights to its shadows–brights to darks, right? [and i went to film school…smh]) Anyway, seems like a good look.

Goes for $1,700 at B&H/Best-Buy without a lens. Wonder how long you can shoot for, however. (Apparently these HD DSLRs have a limited amount of time for which the shutter can stay open or something like that–otherwise the cameras’ mechanisms “burn out?” From what I know, the limit is up to about 5min/shot, for other HD DSLR’s.)

More reviews here:;lst

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