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What the Hell Ever Happened to he Boondocks? It Was The Show!

October 6, 2009

I remember when The Boondocks TV Show hit the scene in 2005. It was during my first year of college, when I was still at the University of Maryland. At that time, for me and my boys, there was pretty much only one show worth watching–“Chappelle’s,” which as everyone knows, was fantastic. We would gather around weekly, sometimes nightly (as pictured below), take a break from our boring CORE curriculum texts and watch Chappelle’s Show, breaking into gales of laughter over lines like “fuck yo couch, nyugga” and “I’m Rick James, bitch!!!” (Ah, the good times).

The Hometeam (Most)

But then, when we heard that the Cartoon Network was coming out with a “The Boondocks” TV Show and could not help but be excited. Most of us Maryland kids had grown up having seen the famed comic from UMCP alum Aaron McGruder at some point or another–it was probably one of the only reasons a lot of us even picked bothered to ever pick up the paper.


For us, well at least for me, “The Boondocks” comic strip has been more or less the only Black comic strip (have there even been any others?) that has actually spoken to our generation– post-Civil rights era, Millenial Black youth–caught up in an awkwardly integrated, wannabe post-racial social landscape.

The Boondocks is a comic that you could look up in “The Post,” show to one of your boys around the way and have him laughing at it–“oh, yeah, that’s some real shit.”

All of us knew (and know) (especially being from P.G. County, “Murr’lyn”) the Huey P.’s that walked around extra-conscious with the weight of the world on their shoulders. The Rileys–the kids from decent homes that’d try to downplay their smarts, hypermasculine, trying to act extra “hard” because of a stigma our generation had seemed to have developed against intelligence. The “biracial” kids and their parents. (Lol, all I’ve got to say about that). That old Black man–world-wise, has a way with words and is all-too famous for whupping that ass. All of these people we knew, loved, but didn’t see get any love by major TV networks, not in any risky, real way.

But then there was going to be a “The Boondocks” show? Oh no. I think we all had had a feeling that that would be short-lived.

But when it debuted, we loved it. It was poignant, had a dope ass hip-hop intro, had street beef and ass-whuppings being settled and doled out anime style–there were seemingly real, animated Black people, on TV, dealing with serious issues and dropping N-bombs all the while. It was the show for our generation.

And now, with that and with “Chappelle’s Show” gone, what show is there on TV that’s supposed to speak to us directly, the goddamned “Cleveland Show?” I won’t even link to that shit.

Even if it’s not supposed to appeal to Black audiences (which I’m praying for the sake of FOX that it’s not) most people I talk to generally agree–“The Cleveland Show” is about as funny as a miscarriage.

According to its wikipedia article (however substantiated that is) it’s supposed to come back in early 2010. I hope that it does.

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