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3 Wks.

August 26, 2009

3 weeks until I shoot this short…a short I’ve been thinking about since nearly November of last year. It’s only 10 pages long.

We were initially supposed to have shot in April, but with impending concerns about the recession, my graduation and an incident in which
some kid from my school lost a quarter million dollars worth of production equipment, resulting in our school’s dismantling any sort of equipment insurance for student projects, I was overwhelmed and had to bide my time until further notice. Now it’s fall and I’m shooting in 3 weeks. Time has gone fast.

Still–$$ is in the bank, crew is secure and things look to be coming together.

My most major concern now–(seems random) but getting robbed. We’re going to have about $350,000 worth of equipment for 3 days out in a very commercial and desolate area of Bushwick, what many of my friends like to term as the asshole of Brooklyn. Bushwick is to BK what I understand Jersey is to most of the Tri-State area.

My d.p. and I, Matt Mitchell, went out to the location about two weeks back to scope things out, at night, just the two of us, so as to get a better sense of what we’d realistically be dealing with in terms of blocking out the action, etc. We got realism, all right. Greeted by one of the neighborhood’s many junkies (not like I’m new to junkies. I know one on my street. Her name’s Janice. She keeps asking me about whatever became of my other film, the one I never really finished).

Anyway, Matt and I are out there, in the dead of night in Asscrack, BK, and probably 3 cars creep alongside us, looking…me in my adidas, cargo shorts, gap v-neck and Matt in his hipster-esque vans shorts and italian style bk bike enthusiast hat. We look about as tough as–oh, I don’t know, marshmallows.

Oh and not to mention we have Matt’s expensive looking dslr camera with a lens like a large phallus just splayed out willy nilly for all of the world to see. **Rob us, Please!!!**
By the end of our location scout, we’re at one end of the street, Matt’s bike is at the other, he’s glancing it to see if the seedy sedan that’s pulled alongside the street sign his bike’s strapped to is going to spell the demise of his bicycle.

It was a good time. Hopefully on the shoot, there’ll be too many people on set for any of the locals to want to take the trouble to steal from, much less do other things. With $300,000 worth of equipment, I feel like we could look pretty official.

Solutions that might make us look more official and might aid in any potential creepers thinking we have police assistance (I’m actually this paranoid)–

-walkie talkies
-orange parking cones
-those little earphones that everyone on big productions has
– production assistants brandishing firearms
-an law enforcement officer – no, wait, the Mayor’s Office won’t give us a free NYPD officer except after midnight on any day except Friday because we’re a student shoot and therefore not be contributing anything to the economy. Grand!

But whatever. It is what it is. Making moves. Stuff is getting knocked out all week.

Goals 4 the Week–

– Lock down crew list, finalize
– get the acct right
– get shot list, schedule done, once and for all.
– start talking to actors…about a lot of things.

Shit’s got to be ill.

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