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August 3, 2009

I’m so busy that it’s not even funny.

Music Video in 2 weeks. My Wannabe Opus of a cop drama in 6.

Don’t know whether I’m getting school insurance for the latter, but I need it.

The former is coming together really well. Why? Because Nyle Emerson is a talented ass artist. I’ve been banging his shit since his EP released like last week, and not just because I had to contrive a shot list from it. Fantastic tunes. Fantastically talented band. Great nouveau-old-school flow. The thing I like about it is that so much of it speaks to his trying to make a way for himself and for his art–for his mode of expression. He’s hungry and I dig that. I know exactly what that’s like. We vibe well, so I think it’ll be a good collaboration. It’ll never be “Let the Beat Build,” but I have a feeling it’s going to be good.

Things are coming together in a good way. In a big way. It’ll be the biggest thing I’ve directed since…for quite some time. Feeling lively, looking forward to things.

The short, “A Reasonable Doubt,” which incidentally has the same title as a wack-looking feature film starring Michael Douglas, is a bit more of a challenge and has been a daunting one at that, but everyone I’ve talked to–my actors, my peers, are like, “yo, you’re a good writer, it’s a good story.” And it’s encouraging when your school is about to short you $1,500+ worth of free equipment and $1,000 worth of liability insurance, in a recession no less. Still, I’m going to do it. I have to. I’ve been talking about the shit for too long. It’s time to get it out into the universe.

It’s going to happen–it’s a fact that you have to acknowledge. The thing is that you can’t be scared of it. It’s coming and you’ve just gotta be ready to rise to meet the occasion and be willing to go the distance that it takes to surmount any obstacles which come along the way. Sounds like some cliched motivational speaking, but it’s realer than anything. Just gotta do it.

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